March 22, 2018

Croatian Investment Forum in Bjelovar opened this year’s Liderinvest Award

Liderinvest, consisting of a series of forums created by business weekly Lider in order to recognize, promote and reward best production investments is being held for the third year in the row.
This year’s first investment forum was held in Bjelovar on March 22, 2018, where representatives of local entrepreneurs, local self-government and state institutions discussed the creation of a stimulating investment environment and the launch of new production investments.

The Croatian Investment Forum was opened by the editor-in-chief of Lider and a member of the expert board of Lider Investments Miodrag Šajatović.
The Forum was welcomed by the Mayor of City of Bjelovar Dario Hrebak who pointed out his administration strives to be a friend of entrepreneurship and that every investment is equally valuable to them. One of the evidence for that is that the Mayor Hrebak started with the implementation of the tax-free city model by which investors are exempt from utility contributions and communal fees.

Managing Director of the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness Zdenko Lucić gave a presentation about current business environment together with investment opportunities in the Republic of Croatia with a special emphasis on positive examples of investments. Also, he pointed out that Croatia has been experiencing an increased investors’ interest in high-quality investments and exports and that infrastructure and transport links that investment locations offer have a significant impact on investors’ decisions regarding the investment sites.

The Investment Forum ended with a round table on the topic: How to create a positive investment environment in northwest Croatia, where Dario Hrebak, Mayor of the City of Bjelovar, Ivana Piščević Jurković, Director of Technological Park Bjelovar, Dario Biškup, Director of Coffee and Ružica Sabljo, Director of Sabljo Interface, confronted their opinions.



foto: Lider media

From January 1, 2019, the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Craft is in charge of investments processes in Croatia –