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IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije Ltd. belongs to the group of the most successful regional suppliers of IT solutions for digital business transformation. The Company’s products and solutions are improving customer experience and digital efficiency in different industries, with more than 300 satisfied customers: fin-tech, public sector, economy, hotels and production. It employs 70 highly skilled employees specialized for solutions related to document handling, advanced OCR, electronic signatures, processing, archiving, reporting.


Lama Ltd. has been a leading system integrator in Dalmatia for more than 26 years. Its core activities are system integration and network services, virtualization, as well as service, maintenance and sales of ICT equipment. The company is an authorized partner of Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Cisco, HP Enterprise, HP Inc., Lenovo and IBM, but also develops its own solutions, based on modern web technologies (Angular and NodeJS) and specific applications developed on demand. Lama Ltd. is able to provide the high quality, integrated system and software solutions, including consultancy services for the design, implementing and maintenance of ICT systems of all sizes.


Software development company / consulting agency specialized for solving technical problems for its clients.


SeekandHit (Uber Ltd.) is an agency specializing in digital marketing, analytics, and big data. It started operating in 2007 and currently employs 35 people. In its portfolio, SeekandHit has over 1000 successful ad campaigns and ad tools developed and delivered for its clients across the globe.


Enel Split Ltd. was founded in 1991 and its core business is the design, development and maintenance of information systems. As a leader in the domestic market, in 1996, it began to work on the modelling and management of business processes. Today the company provides its clients with a complete IT support service: from its own business solution SUSTAV™ for Business Process Management and Enterprise Resource Management, to business modelling and analysis, consulting and implementation of the optimized integrated information systems, as well as consulting services for partner business solutions from SAP, Microsoft and Software AG. It employs 45 highly qualified experts in its offices in Zagreb and Split.

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