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Institutional Framework

Pursuant to the Act on Amendments to the Public Private Partnership Act (OG 114/2018) the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is a central national authority and knowledge center in charge for evaluating, approving and monitoring the implementation of PPP projects, organizing and keeping of the Register of PPP contracts, and applying international best practices in the field of PPP.

Regarding the policy framework, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is responsible for PPP implementation while the Ministry of Finance is responsible for concessions.

In the preparation and implementation of the PPP projects, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has a key role with the Ministry of Finance which grants approval for the PPP projects regarding their compliance with the budget projections and plans, fiscal risks and constraints regulated by special regulations, as well as the financial and fiscal sustainability of the project proposal. Similarly, the Ministry of Finance approves the PPP project proposal. In this sense, both ministries consist the functional unit. The process of approving project proposals includes other relevant ministries and other central state administration and local and regional self-government responsible for the adopted sectoral development plans and strategies with defined objectives and expected impacts

In the public procurement system, the significant role has the Directorate for Public Procurement within the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (training, supervision and enforcement procedures for the award of public contracts), and the State Commission for Supervision of Public Procurement in charge for handling the appeals in the public procurement procedures, the granting of the concessions and selecting a private partner in public private partnership as a body of first instance and second instance Administrative Court as a body competent to deal with the same procedures.