Croatia is by its roads, air, rail and sea routes perfectly connected with Eastern and Central Europe as well as with the rest of Europe and represents a bridge by connecting Western and Central Europe with the Black Sea and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea with the Mediterranean. Given the excellent geostrategic position, the sector of transportation and storage is one of the key factors for the development of the Croatian economy.

The network of modern and newly-constructed highways stretches more than 1,000 km and provides excellent transport communications in all parts of the country. Croatia is connected to other European countries by river transport routes, particularly via the river port of Vukovar, which is part of the Pan-European Corridor VII. The Seaport of Rijeka is the largest port facility in Croatia. The port of Rijeka is also one of the most important ports for connecting the Far East and Central Europe with the shortest transit time of transport.

The geostrategically excellent location, modern infrastructure and good connections with European countries opens up numerous opportunities for the development and implementation of investment projects in the sector of logistics, especially in the field of constructing logistics and distribution centers.

  • 3 Pan-European corridors pass through Croatia (Vb, Vc, X)
  • Croatia ranks 49 out of 160 countries according to the index of Logistics Performance of the World Bank in 2018
  • 8.399 companies operate in the transport and storage sector (CBS, 2018)
  • The transport and storage sector employs 65.973 workers (CBS, 2018)
  • Average gross salary is € 1,181 (CBS, 2018)

*latest available data



From January 1, 2019, the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Craft is in charge of investments processes in Croatia – invest@mingo.hr.