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Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry in Croatia has a long tradition. Because of its know-how and an experienced workforce, a successful development of the industry and related sectors in the future is assured. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the sectors of the Croatian economy where investing in research and development is extensive.

The discovery of the innovative antibiotic azithromycin puts Croatia on the map as one of only ten countries in the world that can boast the development of a completely new drug. In Croatia, apart from Pliva, the largest drug manufacturer in the region, there are very successful companies such as Belupo and Jadran Galenski Laboratorij which have an excellent cooperation on the European and U.S. markets. Another key player is the factory PharmaS, whose core business is the production and sale of generic drugs. The manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in Croatia continues its strong growth and has a significant impact on the production volume of the whole industry. Important foreign companies which operate in Croatia in the pharmaceutical industry are GlaxoSmithKline, Hospira, Galapagos Research Center, Teva, ACG Lukaps, Farmal.

  • There are 49 pharmaceutical companies present in Croatia (CBS, 2018)
  • Number of employees in the pharmaceutical industry is around 5,068 (CBS, 2018)
  • Average gross salary is € 2,083 (CBS, 2019)
  • Share of the pharmaceutical industry in total exports is 8% (CBS, 2019)