Basic business activities include research and development, registration, production, marketing and sales of generic prescription drugs, unlimited medicines, medicines based on natural resources, dietary products, medical products and skin cosmetics. The company currently employs about  900 employees.

The project worth HRK 361 million, the largest investment in the 24-year history of JGL, was completed in 2015. The modern industrial building in Svilno has changed the view of the entrance to the city of Rijeka, a kind of homage to its industrial heritage, with facility and production lines in the interior as the technological climax of the demanding pharmaceutical production.

The investment involves both the “old” and new building in Svilno, so the entire open and closed complex space extends to 100,000 square meters that are functionally connected.

“Prerequisites and development capacities, production and storage for long-term business growth plans are ensured and all manufacturing and technology sites are located in one place. Pharma Valley leads JGL to the global health market where we want to expand our business and strengthen our share and ensure the development of new products and the opening of new markets”,  Ivo Usmiani, Chairman of the Board, JGL Plc.

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From January 1, 2019, the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Craft is in charge of investments processes in Croatia – invest@mingo.hr.