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Based in the town of Sveta Nedelja in the vicinity of Zagreb, Medical Intertrade operates in Vukovar and Solin, and for the time being is the founder of two subsidiaries in Ljubljana and Sarajevo. Medical Intertrade employs about 400 employees in three business units in Croatia – Vukovar, Sveta Nedelja and Solin.

The Yasenka factory, opened in2014, is located in a building in Vukovar. It has the area of 6000 square meters and currently employs 34 people. About EUR 10.5 million were invested in the construction and equipping of the facility. There are three state-of-the-art sectors: semi-finished products – creams, greases and gels, a production department for liquid preparations – syrups and liquid dietary supplements, and a solid preparation product  – tablets and capsules.

“Yasenka will not compete with anybody in Croatia because we will try to export all our products. Everything in the factory is carried out according to the highest international standards, from working conditions to employee education, which are actually my biggest capital and represent the strength of the company ” – Radwan Joukhadar, Director, MEDICAL INTERTRADE Ltd

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