Automotive Industry

Development of the Croatian automotive industry is based on a long tradition in related sectors, such as metal processing, welding, glass and plastic production and engineering. Croatian entrepreneurs engaged in the production of automotive parts have a tradition in high-precision manufacturing with zero failure tolerance, and their main competitive advantage is their excellent product quality. Croatia can also boast of the electric cars production, such as Nevera by Rimac Automobili, who recently became an unicorn.

The automotive industry employs over 2,500 people in 150 companies. The average gross salary is € 1,693.

Eminent companies such as PSA, GM, Fiat, BMW, Audi, Ford, Renault, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche and many other industry representatives are buyers of auto parts produced in the Republic of Croatia.

Companies such as AD Plastik, Boxmark, Cimos-PPC Buzet, Saint Jean Industries, Wollsdorf and Yazaki, are just some of the important manufacturers operating in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

Among Croatian experts and innovators are also suppliers of software solutions to renowned car manufacturers. Companies such as Infinum, HSTec, Visage Technologies, dSPACE, Amodo and Xylon  stand out.

Besides a highly educated workforce, other advantages that the companies in the automotive industry can expect upon entering the Republic of Croatia are excellent infrastructure, as well as close proximity to markets and car production facilities in countries located in Western and Central Europe.

  • 150 companies in the industry covering motor vehicles and other means of transport (CBS, 2021)
  • 2,593 workers in the industry covering motor vehicles and other means of transport (CBS, 2021)
  • € 1,693 is the average gross salary (CBS, 2023)