February 17, 2020

Call for Applications for Grants under the Funding Programme “Increasing the development of new products and services arising from R&D activities – Phase II” (IRI 2)

This Call is intended for micro, small, medium and large enterprises to support the development of new products (goods and services) within one or more selected R&D topics within the Call for Identification of the thematic priority and sub-thematic areas of the Smart Specialization Strategy – S3, through firms’ capacity building for R&D and innovation and fostering collaboration between entrepreneurs and R&D institutions.

On the basis of this Call, government grants will be awarded to undertakings carrying out R&D projects aimed at developing new products, services, technologies and improving business processes, investing in their own R&D capacities or strengthening cooperation with scientific and research institutions through R&D activities (own R&D activities, contract research and collaborative research) and activities of initial investment in tangible and intangible assets to strengthen R&D capacity. R&D activities must be within one or more R&D categories (industrial research, experimental development, feasibility studies).

The Call is open from February 17, 2020, to June 29, 2020.

The total allocation of the Call is HRK 770,000,000.00, from the European Regional Development Fund.

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