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Standard base - material assets


B. Non material assets


C. Cost of opening new workplaces


Instructions: Please insert Planned number of new workplaces and Average gross salary per employee or Sum of gross salaries of all newly employed workers for period of 24 months. The calculator will calculate total sum of gross salaries of all newly employed workers for period of 24 months or average gross salary per employee.

Eligible cost of investment


Company size

Select Enterprise category Number of employees Total assets or Annual turnover
Large ≥ 250 > 43 mil. € > 50 mil. €
Medium < 250 ≤ 43 mil. € ≤ 50 mil. €
Small < 50 ≤ 10 mil. € ≤ 10 mil. €
Micro < 10 ≤ 2 mil. € ≤ 2 mil. €

* Including companies classified as a partner enterprise or linked enterprise in accordance with General Tax Act and Decision on the publication of the list of rules on State aid.

Annual turnover


Training in respect of new job creation linked to an investment


Investment incentives Calculator is based on the Act on Investment Promotion. This calculator can be used only for information purposes and it does not represent any type of guaranty, contractual or any other obligation of the Ministry of Economy to other parties.

For additional clarifications of investment incentives legal framework, please advise the Act on Investment Promotion.

In the city of Zagreb large enterprises may receive incentive measures only for initial investments that create a new economic activity, i.e. for an investment in tangible and intangible assets related to the setting up of a new establishment, or to the diversification of the activity of an establishment, under the condition that the new activity is not the same or a similar activity to the activity previously performed in the establishment.