Registry of public-private partnership contract

County School (III E.– G.1) | Varaždin | PPP Contracts
Registration number 0011/2011
Public partner Varaždin County, Varaždin, Croatia, OIB: 15877210917
Private partner T.P.N. VARAŽDIN Ltd., Varaždin, Croatia, OIB: 51393494778
Date of signing 19.01.2007.
Starting date 19.01.2007.
Expected duration of contract 30 years
PPP model Contractual PPP
Contract purpose

Putting the land owned by schools into function and upgrading of school, which will help meet the County’s needs in providing education to citizens.

Contract subject

Financing, design, upgrading, management and maintenance of school by the private partner, as well as renting of school and enabling its use by the public partner.

Application field


Main activities

Design, construction, financing, management, maintenance


T.P.N. VARAŽDIN Ltd., Varaždin, Croatia, OIB: 51393494778

Public partner obligations Varaždin County Taking an upgraded school to rent and enabling its use by the school.
Regular payment of rent for the use of the school for the period stipulated in the PPP contract.
Providing all reasonable assistance to a private partner, upon request of a private partner, in order to enable the private partner to obtain all necessary approvals and permits in a timely manner.
Providing documents, approvals and permits for which public partner is responsible.
Payment of utilities (electricity, water, gas, telephone) and payment of school cleaning.
Payment of any fines and damages resulting from a breach of a contract by a public partner.
Public partner fee Varaždin County 34,896.43 EUR per month The lease is determined based on the total costs related to the responsibility of the private partner under the contract and based on the indicator (6-month EURIBOR). Due to changes in conditions on the rental market, they will be adjusted monthly in accordance with changes in the consumer price index.
Private partner obligations

Financing, design, upgrading, management and maintenance of the school.

Regular payment of the land use fee.

Obtaining all necessary approvals and permits for the upgrading and use of the school.

Obtaining funds for the project realization.

Development of the detailed design for upgrading the school and obtaining the consent of the design engineer to the detailed design in accordance with the Construction Act.

Upgrading of school in accordance with issued building permits.

Ensuring from common risks the entire time the school is upgraded and the school is used.

Covering all defined school maintenance costs throughout the duration of the PPP contract.

Payment of all fines and penalties and payment of their costs and costs of the public partner incurred due to noncompliance.

Private partner reimbursement fee T.P.N. VARAŽDIN Ltd. 0.13 EUR per year
Buildings I. Gymnasium Varaždin Upgrading of the existing school.
Buildings location Varaždin
PPP project capital value 3.666.946,71 EUR