Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment

The manufacturing of machinery and equipment is one of the most important industries in the Republic of Croatia. Business entities in the equipment and machinery industry are focused on exports, the introduction of new technologies, ongoing professional staff training, quality systems certification, environmentally friendly production, and linkages to domestic and foreign manufacturers. The production spectrum of this industry in Croatia is exceptionally diverse and can satisfy all the needs of potential customers and partners.

Some of the most important companies operating in the Republic of Croatia are Harburg-Freudenberger Belišće, Kostwein, Same-Deutz Fahr, Klimaoprema and Končar Group.

In recent times, companies that develop solutions in advanced robotics such as Gideon Brothers, HSTec and H2O Robotics are becoming more and more prominent.

The sector employs close to 12,000 people in over 700 companies. The average gross salary is € 1,604.

  • 706 companies (CBS, 2021)
  • 11,957 workers (CBS, 2021)
  • 1,604 € average gross salary (CBS, 2023)