Croatian Bureau of Statistics

The Croatian Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is the main producer, disseminator and coordinator of the Official Statistical System of the Republic of Croatia as well as the main representative of the national statistical system in front of European and international bodies competent for statistical affairs.

CBS covers Statistical Subject Matter Areas such as Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing; Industry, Energy and Information Society; Construction; Trade and Other Services, Foreign Trade in Goods and Tourism; Transport and Communications; Environment; Population; Education, Science, Culture and Social Welfare; Employment and Wages; Criminal Justice and Social Protection (ESSPROS Methodology); Registers; National Accounts; Prices; Personal Consumption and Poverty Indicators; and Structural Business Statistics.

Croatian National Bank

The Croatian National Bank is the central bank of the Republic of Croatia. The Croatian National Bank is one of the institutions designated as a producer of official statistics of the Republic of Croatia.

Among the statistical data areas that it covers are Financial sector; General government sector; External sector; Financial accounts; Securities; Selected non-financial statistics; Payment systems; and Payment services.

Croatian Employment Service

The Croatian Employment Service is in charge of disseminating statistical data in the field of the labor market related to registered unemployment, employment from the Register of unemployed persons and vacancies.

The data it covers are classified into four basic categories: Registered unemployment; Entries in the Register; Exits from the Register; and Vacancies.

Labor Market Monitoring Portal

The Labor Market Monitoring Portal is a national primary source of aggregated labor market information. It brings together data from various sources to provide insights into the rapidly changing nature of the labor market and its impact on the workforce and the national economy.

Tax Administration

The tax competitiveness portal enables comparisons of the tax systems of EU member states, comparison of tax rates across the Republic of Croatia, as well as an informative section on the results of the work of the Croatian Tax Administration.