Why Croatia?

Croatia is a modern economy, able to quickly adapt to all current challenges, with a focus on the future.

Croatia is not only popular due to its natural beauty, world-famous inventors and some of the best athletes of today, it is also popular on account of its ease of doing business, excellent investment incentives, well-prepared institutional infrastructure, competitive workforce and excellent quality of life.

Numerous foreign companies have recognized Croatia’s advantages. Some of these companies are globally recognized multinational corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Coca-Cola, Teva, Siemens and Ericsson. In addition to a booming traditional industry, services and trade, new business activities in the fields of digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence have also become very active. Young fast-growing companies in the field of Industry 4.0 have found their home in Croatia where they feel more than welcome.

Strong institutional support for sustainable development and new technologies, membership in the European Union, low taxes, secure property rights and progressive regulatory policies make Croatia one of the most desirable destinations for any foreign investor.

The Ministry of Economy is at your disposal for all questions regarding investing in Croatia.