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Main legislative framework for labour relations is provided by Labour Act. Provisions of the Act provide safeguards both for the employer and the employee. Some specific issues, like health insurance and education, are more specifically regulated by special legislative acts and/or international treaties that are in force in the Republic of Croatia.
Employers, employees, workers’ council, trade unions and employers can agree on working conditions that are more favorable for the employee than those set by law. Employer, employers’ associations and trade unions can agree in a collective agreement on less favorable working conditions than those prescribed in the Labour Act, but only if the law expressly provides for that. If any of the rights deriving from the employment is regulated differently in the employment contract, work regulations, agreements between the workers’ council and the employer, collective agreement or law, the right that is most beneficial for the employee will be applied, unless the Labour Act or any other act provides otherwise.
Every employer who employs more than twenty employees is obligated to adopt and publish work regulations which govern salaries, organization of work, procedures and measures to protect the dignity of workers, safeguards against discrimination and other issues important to employees employed by the employer, if those matters are not covered by the collective agreement.