Registry of public-private partnership contract

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Registration number 0014/2013
Public partner Republic of Croatia represented by the Ministry of Maritime, Transport and Infrastructure, Zagreb, Croatia, OIB:22874515170
Private partner International Airport Zagreb Jsc. Velika Gorica, Croatia, OIB:79446233150
Date of signing 02.12.2013.
Starting date 02.12.2013.
Expected duration of contract 30 years
PPP model Contractual
Contract purpose

To entrust financing and construction of a new passenger terminal at Zagreb Airport to a private partner by granting a 30-year concession to operate Zagreb Airport.

Contract subject

Financing, construction of a new passenger terminal, and management of Zagreb Airport.

Application field

Velika Gorica

Main activities

Design, construction, financing, management, maintenance, provision of public service.


International Zagreb Airport, Jsc., Velika Gorica, Croatia, OIB:79446233150

Buildings Zagreb Airport, New passenger terminal The new passenger terminal at Zagreb Airport, in the first phase of construction with an area of 65860 m2, phase 2: 85490 m2. Number of aircraft bridges phase 1: 8, phase 2: 16, surface of additional aprons phase 1: 131980 m2, phase 2: 300000 m2
Buildings location Velika Gorica
PPP project capital value 188.572.566,20 EUR